The Human Brain: How do Our Brains Work?

The human brain differs considerably from the brains of all other animals. It can be all kinds of things that are too difficult for animal brains or unthinkable. For example, talking, solving difficult questions (such as how the brain works) and making plans for the future. The main difference with animals is the ability that people have to share thoughts, emotions and ideas with others.

How to Increase your Brain Power with These Supplement?

The functioning of the brain

The brains lie under the meninges and can be subdivided into the large brain, brain stem and cerebellum. The large brains are formed by two uniform brain halves that are interconnected by a beam. The large brains are connected to the brainstem by means of two stems.

The brain occupies only 2 percent of our body weight, but consumes as much as 20 percent of all the oxygen we absorb and even 30 percent of the energy we have at our disposal.

The big brain
Every part of the big brain can be divided into four parts:
Forehead lobe
Side lobe
Sleeping lobe
Occipital lobe


The motor centers lie just in front of the central groove that distinguishes the frontal lobe of the lateral lobe. These motor centers provide the stimulation of for example the movement muscles in the opposite body half. So the motor part of the big brain on the left side controls the functions on the right side of the body.

To feel

Behind the central groove we find the centers that have the task of absorbing and processing the emotional stimuli. The centers for smell, taste, hearing and facial stimuli have a fixed place, just like the centers for speech and writing.
In the brain stem we find the largest central switching station for processing the incoming signals from the cerebral cortex. Here is also the control center for sexual function and sexual maturity.

To think

Our brains are made up of about 100 billion neurons (nerve cells). The neurons are connected to each other. Each neuron can connect to about 5,000 other neurons. The connections are made through the foothills of the neurons, the dendrites. Not the number of neurons determines our thinking capacity, but more the number of dendrites. The dendrites can be made into old age. The information that we receive through our senses is processed via the short sensory memory and the short-term memory and is stripped of unnecessary information. Then this filtered information goes to the long-term memory. With the stored information we can make infinite performances. We call thinking about applying this available information.

The brain of Albert Einstein

Einstein actually had rather ordinary brains, but there was something special about it: the brain area responsible for mathematics and the sense of space and time was much more developed than normal. As a result, Einstein’s brains were 15% wider than the average person. Another special feature was that the groove in the middle of the brain stopped halfway. It is possible that more neurons were connected to each other and they worked better together.

Healthy living means living Longer

If you have a healthy lifestyle you can be convinced that you will certainly live longer. Not only will you live longer and happier, but you will also feel good about yourself.

fruit and vegetables – healthy lifestyle In this article we are going to give you some healthy tips that can help you live healthier with tips on nutrition, exercise, dieting and more. Maybe tips that you already know and hopefully also tips that help you apply them to your own way of life. It is often only small adjustments in your daily life that can sometimes bring about major changes.

Making just a few changes in your lifestyle can help you live longer. From recent studies showed that smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, lack of exercise and not eating enough fruits and vegetables your age but can reduce up to 12 years. So because of the unhealthy habits you would, according to the studies, care for 12 years against someone who lives healthy. Fortunately, you can do something about it yourself and correct your unhealthy behavior. We are going to see what simple tips can already help you have a healthy lifestyle.

Don’t eat too much

This is an important part of this article because we will keep coming back to this, because it is an essential part of how you live, what your lifestyle is.

What do you eat? or better what might you not eat?

A crash diet is not advisable to follow because it will often have a huge impact on your body. The crash diet lets you follow something that your body will respond to (lose weight) and then you step back on your ‘old’ eating habits or habits. To which your body will react again and you will most likely gain weight faster. This is how the Jo Jo effect is created.

We take the hospital diet as an example, but there are many other crash diets that claim to work. This hospital diet is a diet that is intended to help patients from an institution or hospital lose weight quickly because patients have to undergo major surgery or surgery. This can be lost depending on your weight. The hospital diet in various forms ensures that you get a lot less calories than you normally should.

It is often the case with crash diets that they commit robbery on your body because you simply do not get enough essential nutrients. The normal daily recommended amount of calories is between 1500 and 2000 and this is much lower for the hospital diet and other types of crash diets. So our advice is definitely not starting a crash diet.

How can you lose weight with yogurt?

Yogurt is very healthy. Especially low-fat yogurt. This has also been shown by an Irish survey. This showed that people who added yogurt to their eating pattern lost 22% more weight than people who did not. They also lost a lot more belly fat than the group that did not eat yogurt. It is therefore very wise to regularly add yogurt to your diet. Also nice is that you lose weight permanently if you eat yogurt regularly.

The yogurt diet

The yogurt diet is a crash diet with which you would lose a lot. Beware of this diet! Indeed, you will quickly lose weight, but you miss important nutrients such as vitamins, fibers and minerals. Lose weight with yogurt can also be very good without this diet. It goes a little less fast, but is a lot healthier and also much better for your body. The kilos will also go off permanently and this is still the question with a yoghurt diet.

Lose weight: how much yogurt to eat?

It is nonsense to eat yogurt all day long. This is not good for you either. Preferably choose two dishes of yogurt in a day. More is really not necessary and with this amount you already get enough yogurt to benefit from the positive effect. Choose also for low-fat yogurt.

How to eat yogurt?

Yoghurt can be eaten in many different ways. You can choose a yoghurt dish and preferably supplement it with fruit such as blueberries, raspberries, strawberry or banana pieces. Also delicious is honey or jam. It is better not to put sugar through the yogurt, because this is of course a lot less healthy. Yogurt can also be done by a salad. It is very nice to make ice creams and certainly a very good way to be healthy in the summer. Yoghurt can also be used as a replacement for, for example, sour cream. Or put it on your pancake!

Healthy lifestyle

To lose weight, you should not only eat yogurt, but also try to eat other healthy products. Avoid eating fat and sugars. Eat three times a day and opt for healthy snacks. It is also wise to move at least half an hour every day. Give yourself a good lifestyle, that you can keep a whole life full. Yoghurt may not be missing here!

Camu camu, a natural remedy for overweight?

Anyone who has ever tried to get rid of the excess pounds knows that losing weight is not always easy. Following a diet and exercising more helps, but it is so difficult to permanently stay on weight after a period of weight loss. However, the results of scientific research in 2018 in mice offer hope: tropical fruit from the Amazon region in South America, called camu camu, is an efficient, safe and natural way to prevent obesity.

Camu camu is a berry that grows up to four meters high bushes (Myrciaria dubia) in the Amazon region of Brazil and Peru. It is incredibly rich in vitamin C; it contains up to 30 times more vitamin C than kiwis and oranges. The concentration of polyphenols (antioxidants) is five times higher than that in blackberries.

Camu camu and nutrition

Despite these good health properties, camu camu is little eaten by the locals. The berries are very acidic. Instead of eating camu camu as fruit, it is dried and then ground into powder, which can be dissolved in water or mixed in food. Camu camu is not in our shop as fruit, because it is so sour. Camu camu powder and capsules with an extract from camu camu, on the other hand, are easily available in the Netherlands, especially online.

Camu camu and overweight

Scientific research in 2018 has brought a new effect of camu camu on health to light. The research in mice, conducted at Laval University and the Heart and Long Research Center in Quebec, Canada, shows that an extract of camu camu weight gain as a result of sugar and high fat food is 100% prevalent. The weight of the mice after eight weeks on the fattening diet was comparable to the weight of mice that had received normal, healthy food. How does camu camu bring this enormous effect on weight gain?

Changes in the intestinal flora

Camu camu increases the basal metabolism, causing the mice to burn more energy instead of storing it. Camu camu also protects against insulin resistance, which often occurs in people who are overweight and leads to type 2 diabetes. The positive effect of camu camu on the metabolism (another name for metabolism) is caused by the bacteria that live in the gut. Camu camu namely changes the composition of the intestinal flora. Some bacterial species decrease in number (for example Lactobacillus), while others increase in number (eg Akkermansia muciniphila). The changes in the intestinal flora appear to be so important, that when the intestinal bacteria of a camu camu-treated mouse are transferred to the intestines of a mouse without bacteria, this mouse does not get fat from eating fat.

Intestinal flora affects the physiology of the body

The intestinal flora has a major influence on all kinds of physiological processes in the body. In people with overweight, for example, the intestinal flora is built up from the wrong types of bacteria. This has negative consequences for the immune system, for the metabolism and also fewer hormones are released into the body, indicating that it is time to stop eating when you are not hungry. Overweight people eat too much so that they become even heavier than they already are. Because camu camu reduces the number of ‘bad’ bacteria and increases the number of ‘good’ bacteria, as the research in mice showed, not only does the basal metabolism increase, but the ‘hunger hormones’ are also released in a normal amount. , making you eat less.

Effects of camu camu on overweight in humans

As mentioned, the spectacular protective effect against weight gain has been demonstrated in mice. Would camu camu have the same effect in humans? In the year 2018 this is not yet known. We do know, however, that overweight people have a different composition of their bacteria in the intestines compared to slim people. For example, the amount of Akkermansia bacteria is lower, and that of Lactobacillus is higher. These are precisely two of the bacterial species whose numbers are corrected by camu camu in the intestines of the mice from the study (Akkermansia increases, Lactobacillus decreases). The bacterial populations in the intestines of mice and people with overweight are therefore very similar and it seems plausible,

How to use shaving soap

Strangely enough, the use of shaving soap is one of the most difficult things to learn about wet shaving. The first few weeks I tried it, I was just awful – I did not know how much to use, when I was done, how to shave it over my face, or whatever. Eventually it was just a huge gang, with shaving cream on my face in weird bumps, and it hurt quite a bit.

Luckily, I have mastered the whole process of the process after a few years of practice (I think), and I believe I have the right advice for every wet shearer in attendance. Whether you’re just starting out, or the idea that you can use some advice, keep reading!

Step 1: Choose A Good Soap And Mug

Anyone with experience in wet shaving knows that you are lost without the right tools. It is vitally important to have the right brush, soap and mug when trying to make foam. As for the shaving brush, I would find a good, simple brush with badger hair – that is the softest type of brush you can get, and it holds water very well. Also make sure you have a shaving mug that you can use – I prefer the kind with a ball-shaped handle, because it is just cool and offers more stability when you are actually shaving.

As for the soap itself, I recommend trying a few samples if possible, to see what works best for you. Not every soap works equally well for everyone, and everyone has different ideas about the smell, texture, and so on. I think it is especially important to choose something that suits you; try to go for natural ingredients if that is possible, because they are simply healthier, simpler, and more affordable than the tattered stuff that might ruin your face and dry out. The best shaving soaps have only natural ingredients and essential oils that are meant to properly care for your face; that way you will not get a red rash or irritation.

Step 2: Wet Your Brush

Once you have chosen the right equipment, it is time to really learn how to use shaving soap. But to start with, you have to make your shaving brush wet. First, close off your sink and pour hot water into the sink until you can insert your shaving brush completely. As soon as you have done that, let him sit in the sink for a minute to take up the water. That way it is a lot easier to make the foam.

Do not shake too much water from the brush as soon as you take it out of the water – there must be enough to sit on to soften your hair and open your pores. This is absolutely necessary to get a good, healthy shave, so do not race through this step.

Step 3: Make it foam

Once your brush is wet, it is time for the shaving soap! Put your soap in your shaving mug. Insert the brush and quickly move it in circles; the round inside of the mug should help the brush and ensure that the soap is beaten in a good foam.

In the beginning you will see much larger bubbles, but keep going – as you keep turning the brush, the soap will form more and more smaller bubbles, until you see no bubbles at all. The whole process takes a maximum of 30 seconds, and towards the end you have a rich, luxurious foam that works great on unstable stubble.

Step 4: Throw It On Your Face

Now that you have the foam, it is time to actually apply it to yourself. Make sure there is plenty of soap on your brush, and use that same twist to spread it over your face. In different ways you are now also increasing the density of the foam, so it is still part of the foaming process.

The shaving soap is great to keep your facial hairs upright, and make them softer and easier to cut. Keep doing this until everything you want to shave is covered. (If you want to, you can also add some water and two or three more times, the more soap, the easier the shaving is, so you may be generous.)

This was it; so use shaving soap in four easy steps. It is not exactly tricky; actually we only say that you have to put the soap in, it has to rotate until it looks nice, and it should smear on your face. However, many things can go wrong in the process of soap application, so we thought it would be a good idea to show you step by step how to do it. Shaving is after all almost an art, and without the principles you can never master the discipline. So look for a good soap and clean that head!

Eyebrow lift

If your eyebrows are lower than you would like to have then you might consider raising your eyebrows. Most people who have an eyebrow lift look younger and fresher after the procedure. On this page you can read more about the possibilities, such as the operative eyebrow lift and the eyebrow lift with Botox.

Due to aging, the skin of the forehead may weaken. As a result, the eyebrows may sink down. This can lead to problems when seeing. In addition, hanging eyebrows can make you look older and give you a sombre or tired look.

An eyebrow lift, by means of an operation or with Botox, can be a solution for the above complaints.

When not the forehead, but drooping eyelids are the problem, eyelid correction is in most cases a better alternative.

The consultation
Before an eyebrow lift will be performed, a consultation with the plastic surgeon is planned first. All important matters relating to the eyebrow lift will be discussed during this interview.

The surgeon determines whether the desired eyebrow lift is feasible. Then it will be discussed which treatment method is most suitable for you and which result may be expected. Any risks and complications of the eyebrow lift will also be mentioned.

How is an eyebrow lift performed?
An eyebrow lift can be designed in different ways. There is the operative eyebrow lift, but the eyebrow can also be lifted with Botox.

Operative eyebrow lift
Depending on the treatment method and your own wishes, it will be determined whether the eyebrow lift will be performed under local anesthesia or under general anesthesia. Prior to the eyebrow lift, the skin part to be removed is marked off by the surgeon on the skin.

The eyebrow lift can be carried out in different ways:

Skin is removed just above the eyebrows or halfway through the forehead
Skin is removed at the hairline or even further
Lift the eyebrows without removing skin by means of endoscopy (viewing operation)

Recovery after the eyebrow lift
In the case of a viewing operation , you will probably be admitted for one or two days. The applied dressing and the staples for closing the wounds are removed after one week at the outpatient clinic. Any screws placed will be removed at the outpatient clinic after two to six weeks.

In the case of the other treatment methods for the eyebrow lift you can go home a few hours after the treatment. After a few days, any sutures and the bandage will be removed at the outpatient clinic.

Thick, colored and swollen eyelids are a common problem after an eyebrow lift. This will decrease after about a week and a half. Any headband applied should be kept dry. To ease the swelling and pain of the eyelids, wet compresses can be used to cool the eyelids. Efforts that can increase pressure on the head should be avoided.

What are hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are swollen and sagging swelling bodies in the rectum. These swelling bodies are important when closing the anus; they ensure that no faeces leak from the anus. When the swelling bodies in the anus swell and sag too much, we speak of internal hemorrhoids. However, it is also possible that the swelling bodies are located outside the anus. In this case we speak of an external hemorrhoid.

The cause of hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are caused by an increased pressure on the swelling bodies, for example by hard pressing. This allows the swelling bodies to swell, sag and then bleed. In addition to pressing, hemorrhoids can be formed by:

Little physical activity

When you move a little, it is possible that your stools become hard and dry with the result that you have to press hard during unloading. In addition, a lot of sitting can lead to pressure on the anus. Therefore, try to move for at least half an hour a day.


In case of constipation (constipation in the large intestine) you press harder and longer through hard stools. This causes a lot of pressure on the swelling bodies, causing them to swell. In addition, the blood vessels in the exit of the anus damage.


Your uterus grows during pregnancy, which causes pressure on the intestines. The extra pressure ensures a slower functioning of the intestines. A dry and harder stool is the result. In addition, the modified hormone regulation also affects the development of constipation.

Especially in the last months of pregnancy, the pressure of the child in the womb increases. At birth the pressure on the uterus and blood vessels will be even higher because of the hard pressing and because the baby presses the anus. Due to this pressure, the hemorrhoids are not only more prominent; it may happen that part of the rectum comes out. More information about hemorrhoids and pregnancy can be found here .

Symptoms hemorrhoids and common complaints

You can recognize hemorrhoids from the following symptoms and symptoms:

Itching of the anus during relief
Weird feeling
Pain during the stool
Swelling at the anus
Anal secretion
Problems with bowel movements

Top Home Recovery for Breast Enhancement

As a woman, what kind of breast you want? It may be that you have large, round and firm breasts, but not everyone is able to give breasts what they want- has some answers.

Some are very aware of the size of their little breasts and no matter how much they try to make them look like bigger breasts. They can not deny that they do not have too much trouble to start.

Babies begin to develop during puberty due to two hormones – estrogen and progesterone. Sometimes the amount released will determine the size of the breast what people will have. Genes can also play an important role in how big female breasts will be.

Looking at the beauty industry, it is no wonder that there are so many products that are made exclusively to help boost breasts as many women like it. They believe that the bigger breasts they have, the better it will be for them.

There are many ice creams that can be found, although pills can make bigger breasts. Some people also have a knife just to have the breast they always want, but the most important thing to remember is to try home remedies. You probably do not know they can work for you therefore Curves N More presents some of them.

Top Home Recovery for Breast Enhancement

Red Lentils

The fact that cheap red lenses make it one of the choices that women want bigger breasts. Red lentils are known to increase the size of the breast while at the same time making breasts stronger than normal. Week beans in warm water for 2 hours or more.

Measure it until you have a paste that you can put on your skin.

Apply whole chest.

Wait for about 30 minutes or wait until it is completely dry.
It is clear that when you are thin, you will have a smaller breast, especially because the breast is out of fat. If you want to increase your breast size, it is the best option to take bananas as it can increase the amount of fat in your breasts.

Breast Massage

One of the reasons why your breasts can not be as firm if they are aging but it can also be caused by lack of circulation in the payudara area. Improve circulation while brushing through ensuring that you will massage .

Use natural essential oils to massage the breast area. It can be any oil of your choice.
Keep a circular massage on your face for about fifteen minutes.
It must be done in the morning and at night.

Onion juice

It may look surprising for some, but the onion juice can really help to strengthen the breast muscles. Apart from the fact that it is able to make breasts stronger than usual, they can also increase breast size.

Get the onions that will be sufficient to accommodate your breasts.
Grind onion to get the juice.
Apply the juice on the chest in the afternoon before bedtime.
Was it completely completely rid of the smell tomorrow?


It’s no wonder there are some exercises you can do to help look bigger. Usually this exercise is aimed at the chest and shoulders. It is even stronger that these muscles become better for you.

Do certain exercises such as pressure walls, borsperse and the like and do this exercise every time you are supposed.
This exercise should be done approximately 30 times.
You can choose to hire a professional coach if you are not sure if you are doing it right.


Fenugreek is known for its good home remedy for various things, but this time it can also be effective as a home remedy to increase breast size and firmness. This is because it stimulates estrogen and progesterone to produce better than ever.

Use halba powder and add water.

Paste paste will be placed on the breast and sorted with a circular motion.
Do it twice a day to get the best results.


Thanks to improved hygiene and certain developments in health care, we can live longer today. Not too long ago, doctors wrote beer to the Amsterdam population because beer contained fewer bacteria than the normal drinking water at the time. That says something. organic greens powder

Thanks to extensive vaccination programs, children are fortunately no longer able to die of smallpox and other diseases. And due to the arrival of sanitary facilities, sewerage and waste collection services, diseases such as cholera could be prevented.

Partly because of these developments, we can live longer nowadays. But at the same time we do everything to get sick earlier. And that’s a shame. Because who wants to live longer, to be sick for a long time?

I have set out 11 tips by My Greens Daily for you that can help you with a longer life. Some of these tips will be familiar to you and that is nice, because that confirms your healthy knowledge and possibly your healthy habits.

Longer lives, 11 tips

These groups of people are the inhabitants of the Japanese island of Okinawa, the inhabitants of Italian Sardinia, members of The Seventh Day Adventists from California (very religious), the inhabitants of the Greek island Ikaria and the Nicoya Indians from Costa Rica.

What do these groups of people do for a longer life and how can you do that?

1. Healthy eating
By eating healthy you increase the chance of a longer life. Not only that, you also increase the chance of living longer in good health. That sounds pretty logical, right? What struck the Blue Zone groups was that they ate food with a low glycemic index. This means that they did not use a lot of fast carbohydrates. Examples include junk and fast food, soft drinks and white bread.

Full nutrition consisting of fiber, complex carbohydrates, proteins, antioxidants, fats, minerals and vitamins is therefore preferable to highly processed food.

Especially the vegetables broccoli and kale are doing very well. They are all packed with healthy substances and they are widely available in the Netherlands. Did you know that kale is seen in America as a superfood?

Oh yeah, if you feel like a handful of nuts, pick a handful of walnuts. For example, walnuts help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. And take a bowl of oatmeal in the morning. Oatmeal appears to be able to extend your life.

2. Physical activity
All groups from the Blue Zones lead an active life. Ok, they do not or hardly do sports, but they move a lot. They cycle a lot, cultivate fields (gardening) and they walk regularly. By exercising regularly, you can live longer in good health.

In the Netherlands the standard for healthy exercise is 30 minutes a day. I would say; move at least one hour daily. For example, exercise stimulates blood circulation, muscles, metabolism and your mood. You become happier.

3. Relax
Stress is inextricably linked to our lifestyle and it does not help you to live longer, in good health. Because of the e-mail, WhatsApp, Social Media channels, TV, workload, job insecurity, traffic jams and all global problems and tensions, our lives are a lot less clear than 100 years ago.

So make time to relax and let the stress slip away from you. Activities such as exercising, letting the dog out, making your garden tidy and eating with your family can help you a lot. So take the time to do fun and relaxing things.

4. Social
The Volkskrant recently published an article that people who are active on Facebook live longer. Personally, I think that is very unlikely. Friends, family and social contacts are indeed important and social media is a nice addition to that.

The message is, I think, that people who are socially active live longer. It turns out to be very healthy to regularly ventilate your heart with people you trust.

5. Avoid overweight
Overweight and obesity can lead to cardiovascular disease, diabetes 2, worn joints, high blood pressure and countless other unpleasant conditions. Unfortunately, more than half of the Netherlands are too fat. So something is not going well.

Overweight therefore increases the risk of illness. However, you would live longer, because there is a lot of medication to treat the symptoms of diabetes 2, depression and other disorders. Unfortunately, these drugs have a few side effects, which can be quite a problem.

A good way to prevent obesity is to lend a hand to your metabolism (your metabolism). You then automatically burn more calories. In this e-book you can read all about it.

6. Avoid underweight
Both overweight and underweight is not good for your health. Underweight undermines your immune system. You simply do not get enough nutrients.

7. Working
Working is part of our daily existence. Apple founder Steve Jobs said in one of his latest interview “You have to really love what you do”. So do work that you like. If you do not like your work, you go to your employer on a daily basis with a lot of reluctance.

You then take that negativity back home. Your children and your partner also get infected. In a TED Talk, the American speaker Simon Sinek said: “Our jobs are killing us”. So do work where you feel that you are really contributing something and what really gives you satisfaction.

8. Water
Water helps you to dispose of waste. Sufficient moisture is important for a longer life anyway, because humans are mostly made up of water.

The message is that you drink water instead of soft drinks. Soft drinks contain a lot of sugar and calories that you do not feed. So you quickly get too many calories every day if you regularly drink soft drinks.

9. Sleep
Since the birth of our daughter Bo, I have been more enthusiastic about sleeping. I never liked sleeping so much and therefore made relatively short nights. But all those broken nights make me realize that sleep affects the quality of your life considerably.

At night your body recovers from the day before and it builds up energy for the day that is to come. Your hormones also benefit from sufficient sleep. A bad night’s sleep can, for example, ensure that you are hungry for something sweet, salty or greasy all day long.

10. A goal
What is your reason for getting up in the morning? People who have a clear goal every day suffer a longer life. A goal does not have to be an extension to become a director, to conquer Mount Everest or to cycle up Mont Ventoux.

Just taking care of the children, a promotion, improving your condition, working on yourself or working on your relationship can already be a goal in itself.

11. Do not eat too much
Live longer by not eating too much. That may sound a bit contradictory. But the French also adhere to this rule. They eat until they are 80% full. There is always a little bit of food in your esophagus and that will automatically end up in your stomach.

The Japanese inhabitants of the island of Okinawa also eat until they are 80%. According to a report from the World Health Organization, the women in Japan have the highest life expectancy and that one in 135 people on the island of Okinawa passes the age limit of 100 years.

The Secret Of Aging Is Revealed

For years researcher and author Dan Buettner has actually been researching places on the planet where citizens live the longest. He looks into lifestyle, diet and stress management in these so-called ‘Blue Zones’, with assistance from The National Geographic Society. Here you can check out his striking conclusions, and you get concrete ideas from these locations to become as healthy and old as possible.

Dan Buettner composed a number of books about it, including The Blue Zones. He collaborates with various specialists such as Dr. Gianni Pes from the University of Sassari in Italy and the Belgian Demographer Dr. Michel Poulain. In 2008 they began research on the Greek island Ikaria, where about 10 thousand people live, one of the locations on the planet where the people grow old above average. After all the data had been collected, she concluded, together with researchers from the University of Athens, that the occupants of Ikaria are at least 90 years of ages 2.5 times as typically compared with individuals in America.

The men are even 90 years of ages practically 90 times and are likewise healthier. They survive on average 8 to Ten Years longer before they are dropped by, for instance, cancer or heart disease. They suffer less from anxiety and dementia (a quarter of individuals compared to the figures from America). In America, according to the Alzheimer’s Association, half of the population aged 85 years and older suffer from Alzheimer’s to a higher or lesser extent. This expense America around $ 200 billion in 2012. On the island of Ikaria individuals typically remain sharp and clear until they pass away.

An unique story

Dan Buettner checked out Ikaria and met the then 97-year-old war veteran Stamatis Moraitis. The New York City Times then wrote an article about this. In the seventies Moraitis remained in his mid-sixties and lived in America when he was detected with lung cancer. The physicians offered him an optimum of nine months to live. Instead of a pain with chemotherapy, he decided to return to Ikaria, where he came from, to die there. A funeral there costs about $ 200 and so there was more cash left for his relatives. He was not near his adult kids, but on the other hand he would be buried in between his ancestors in a little cemetery between the oak trees neglecting the Aegean Sea.

He and his partner relocated with his parents who were still alive and Moraitis lay much in bed and reconciled himself with his fate. Lots of pals from the previous handled to discover him again and searched for him every afternoon. Moraitis thought he might just be better on his deathbed and talked for hours with these friends every afternoon while enjoying locally produced wine. In the following months Moraitis felt progressively stronger. He began to grow his own veggies in the garden and started working in the vineyard of the household, he returned into the regimen of life on this island.

He stood when he seemed like it, worked a couple of hours in the vineyard, made a comprehensive lunch and then fallinged asleep. At night he generally went to the local club where he played video games until midnight. Months as well as years passed and his health only improved. When Buettner fulfilled him, he stated he was 102 years of ages, however 97 years of ages according to official papers. In 2013 he died at the age of 98, 36 years after he was detected with the aggressive form of lung cancer.

Exactly what is the trick of individuals at Ikaria?

Buettner looks for out with his coworkers through research study that makes people here so old. Are it the consuming habits, the midday naps, the minimal stress, the routine sex that people have here to aging? Or do individuals here generally take pleasure in life more? Dr. Ilias Leriadis, among the few doctors on the island, shares some of the local ‘secrets’.

1. The people here drink a tea drink at the end of the day, called mountain tea made from dried herbs that grow on the island. For example with marjoram, sage, wild mint (fliskouni) and rosemary. They also drink a tea made from boiled leaves of the dandelion with lemon. These hot beverages are tasty, but they are right away used as a medication, inning accordance with Leriadis. Dr. Ioanna Chinou is a teacher at the University of Athens School of Drug store and one of the better-known professionals in the field of herbs in Europe.
Inning accordance with her, these teas are standard Greek medications. For example, wild mint works versus gum disease and gastrointestinal infections. Rosemary is utilized against gout and the plant artemisia would enhance blood flow. Dr. Chinou has looked into 7 herbs that are most typically utilized on Ikaria. The vegetable parts polyphenols are partly responsible for the medicinal residential or commercial properties, they work as a strong anti-oxidant. These herbs also appeared to contribute to decreasing high blood pressure.

2. Honey is likewise considered a remedy here. On the island you can find special types of honey that you have no place else on the planet. The citizens utilize honey as a medication: to recover wounds, eliminate a hangover, or flu and colds. Older individuals start the day here with a spoonful of pure honey. Honey has several tested favorable effects on health. It secures versus cancer and heart diseases, among other things, by the flavonoids and antioxidants.

3. Inning accordance with Leriadis individuals keep up late, they are late in the early morning and do a great deal of afternoon nap. His practice is not even open before 11 am due to the fact that no one will come yet. No one uses a watch and nobody views the time. When you have actually invited somebody for lunch, it is questionable whether they arrive at 10 o’clock in the morning or at 6 o’clock in the evening. When you do not need to pay attention to the time, that conserves a lot of stress.

Throughout his go to, Buettner fulfilled a number of patients of Leriadis, including twenty individuals over 90 and one who stated he was 104 years of ages. He spoke to a 95-year-old man who still played the violin and a 98-year-old lady who still had her own little hotel and played poker for cash on weekends.

Is there a trick of aging?

From a statistical point of view, the chance for young people is increasing to end up being 100, 110 and even 120 years old, according to the American Dr. Mercola. Due to all medical advancements it is even possible that a life of 150 years will be possible in the coming years. Many people aged 100 or older are getting much healthier up until the end of their lives. Scientific research study (Andersen SL, Sebastiani P et al., 2012) shows that the greater the age, the much healthier they end up being old. It is specifically with the earliest people that illness or amnesia also take place much later. From a clinical point of view, it stays difficult to prove how the group of individuals over the age of 100 will be so old, there is no specific pattern to be acknowledged.

Researchers at the University of Chicago Center on Aging did discover a connection between the age at which the moms received the kids who later became very old (2006 ). If your mom was under 25 when you were born, the probability that you become 100 years is two times as high as when your mom was over 25 when you were born, inning accordance with this research study. Inning accordance with the scientists, this has to do with the healthy condition of the eggs. But obviously it is all about a healthy way of life, says the doctor. Barzilai affiliated with The Institute for Aging Research at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New york city who likewise carried out research into the way of life of people over 100.

No smoking, not drinking too much, working out daily, a healthy diet and not having an overweight course for us all, yet this group appears to be genetically different. These individuals age differently than the average individual, slower. They end up with the very same illness as others, but typically with a much less long misery. Barzilai. It ends up that much of the 100-year-olds themselves feel approximately 20 years younger. They often have a positive attitude to life, are positive and enthusiastic about life. In 2008, a telephone study was conducted among 100 individuals in their 100s in the US who asked exactly what reasons they provided for their old age, inning accordance with WebMD Health News.

Barzilai. It ends up that many of the 100-year-olds themselves feel an average of Twenty Years more youthful. They often have a favorable attitude to life, are positive and enthusiastic about life. In 2008, a telephone survey was performed amongst 100 individuals in their 100s in the United States who asked what reasons they offered for their old age, inning accordance with WebMD Health News. Barzilai. It turns out that many of the 100-year-olds themselves feel approximately 20 years more youthful. They often have a positive attitude to life, are positive and enthusiastic about life. In 2008, a telephone survey was conducted amongst 100 people in their 100s in the United States who asked what factors they provided for their aging, inning accordance with WebMD Health News.

* Buddies and household close by (90%).
* Keeping the mind active (89%).
* Laughter and a sense of humor (88%).
* Staying in touch with your spirituality (84%).
* Feeling like every brand-new day (83%) ).
* Keep moving (82%).
* Remaining independent (81%).
* Consuming healthy (80%).
* Keep following the news (63%).
* Making brand-new buddies time and time once again (63%).

In basic they find it further crucial to avoid stress. They have just as well knowledgeable demanding times in life, but they dealt with it differently. They did not remain in it.

Tips for living healthy for longer

It is naturally striking that there are specific locations on the planet where people live longer and grow old healthier than elsewhere in the world. Other examples of these areas are the Italian island of Sardinia and Okinawa in Japan. What these areas have in common is that the sun shines a lot, they use little pesticides, individuals in their lives and work have little tension and a rich social and domesticity. It is difficult to say which elements are exactly responsible for a long happy and healthy life, however it is simple to see the differences with our society. Below are a variety of concrete ideas from these locations.

* Include cocoa to your diet plan.

It has actually been clinically proven that cocoa works blood pressure and contributes to healthy blood circulation. Recently (September 2013), the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) authorized the following claim: 200 mg cocoa flavonols daily contributes to healthy blood circulation. This means that all clinical proof (clinical research studies) together is adequately well-founded for this claim. As a recommendation, 200 mg of cocoa flavonols equals 2.5 g of cocoa powder or 10 g of raw or dark chocolate. Most cocoa-based items utilize a production approach that removes the cocoa beans from most of these healthy flavonols. Usage of unprocessed raw cocoa, where 80% of the flavonols are retained, is therefore chosen.

* Supply enough restorative.

Resveratrol is an effective nutrient (and antioxidant) and a natural active ingredient of red wine. This material is further in red grapes, blueberries, blueberries, cocoa and cranberries. It is created by plants themselves as a natural defense mechanism, it offers resistance against bacteria and viruses from outdoors. Due to the fact that this anti-oxidant has the capability to differentiate bad invaders from healthy conditions, the anti-oxidant can indicate a lot for health. Resveratrol has actually been shown to affect the genes that control the metabolic system and lengthen life expectancy, inning accordance with a research study published in the Impact Journal on Aging.

* Take notice of certain vitamins.

The American Dr. Mercola states that research study has shown that the American diet plan increasingly includes a variety of important vitamins: vitamin D, DHA (omega-3 fat), folic acid and magnesium. While it is specifically these vitamins that have a direct connection with aging and also with our brains.

* Take sunlight to yourself.

For the needed vitamin D in the body. Numerous physical and psychological complaints and accelerated aging can be associated with a shortage of vitamin D.

* Sleep well.

An excellent night’s rest is essential to keep the body and mind healthy. During sleep, your body and brain will cool down and they will have the chance to recover and renew themselves. Researchers have discovered that people who do not sleep well typically suffer from a weak body immune system (Zager et al., 2007), a slower wound healing (Gumustekin et al., 2004) and much less development hormone (Van Cauter et al, 2000). Inadequate sleep does not just have physical consequences, psychological health also decreases dramatically if you do not get adequate sleep. Your brain requires sleep to procedure and store the events of the day, which implies that your mental capacities will be much less if you do not sleep adequate (Turner et al., 2007).

* Move daily.

In order to keep your cardiovascular system in good condition and get it, it is good to do intensive physical exercise on a regular basis. Setting off for 20 minutes three times each week so that heart rate and breathing go up substantially, is a first step. In addition, day-to-day walking or cycling and more often take the stairs.

* Be happy.

Delighted individuals live longer, according to numerous research studies. Inning Accordance With Steptoe A. and Wardle J. (2011 ), they are 35% less likely to pass away earlier than people who do not rejoice. Happiness was connected with fine social contacts in this study. Another research study, which took a look at 160 clinical studies, shows that optimists live longer than pessimists (University of Illinois, 2011).

Taking excellent care of yourself, avoiding tension and doing what makes you delighted can extend your life. Every step in the right direction is one.