Eyebrow lift

If your eyebrows are lower than you would like to have then you might consider raising your eyebrows. Most people who have an eyebrow lift look younger and fresher after the procedure. On this page you can read more about the possibilities, such as the operative eyebrow lift and the eyebrow lift with Botox.

Due to aging, the skin of the forehead may weaken. As a result, the eyebrows may sink down. This can lead to problems when seeing. In addition, hanging eyebrows can make you look older and give you a sombre or tired look.

An eyebrow lift, by means of an operation or with Botox, can be a solution for the above complaints.

When not the forehead, but drooping eyelids are the problem, eyelid correction is in most cases a better alternative.

The consultation
Before an eyebrow lift will be performed, a consultation with the plastic surgeon is planned first. All important matters relating to the eyebrow lift will be discussed during this interview.

The surgeon determines whether the desired eyebrow lift is feasible. Then it will be discussed which treatment method is most suitable for you and which result may be expected. Any risks and complications of the eyebrow lift will also be mentioned.

How is an eyebrow lift performed?
An eyebrow lift can be designed in different ways. There is the operative eyebrow lift, but the eyebrow can also be lifted with Botox.

Operative eyebrow lift
Depending on the treatment method and your own wishes, it will be determined whether the eyebrow lift will be performed under local anesthesia or under general anesthesia. Prior to the eyebrow lift, the skin part to be removed is marked off by the surgeon on the skin.

The eyebrow lift can be carried out in different ways:

Skin is removed just above the eyebrows or halfway through the forehead
Skin is removed at the hairline or even further
Lift the eyebrows without removing skin by means of endoscopy (viewing operation)

Recovery after the eyebrow lift
In the case of a viewing operation , you will probably be admitted for one or two days. The applied dressing and the staples for closing the wounds are removed after one week at the outpatient clinic. Any screws placed will be removed at the outpatient clinic after two to six weeks.

In the case of the other treatment methods for the eyebrow lift you can go home a few hours after the treatment. After a few days, any sutures and the bandage will be removed at the outpatient clinic.

Thick, colored and swollen eyelids are a common problem after an eyebrow lift. This will decrease after about a week and a half. Any headband applied should be kept dry. To ease the swelling and pain of the eyelids, wet compresses can be used to cool the eyelids. Efforts that can increase pressure on the head should be avoided.