Thanks to improved hygiene and certain developments in health care, we can live longer today. Not too long ago, doctors wrote beer to the Amsterdam population because beer contained fewer bacteria than the normal drinking water at the time. That says something. organic greens powder

Thanks to extensive vaccination programs, children are fortunately no longer able to die of smallpox and other diseases. And due to the arrival of sanitary facilities, sewerage and waste collection services, diseases such as cholera could be prevented.

Partly because of these developments, we can live longer nowadays. But at the same time we do everything to get sick earlier. And that’s a shame. Because who wants to live longer, to be sick for a long time?

I have set out 11 tips by My Greens Daily for you that can help you with a longer life. Some of these tips will be familiar to you and that is nice, because that confirms your healthy knowledge and possibly your healthy habits.

Longer lives, 11 tips

These groups of people are the inhabitants of the Japanese island of Okinawa, the inhabitants of Italian Sardinia, members of The Seventh Day Adventists from California (very religious), the inhabitants of the Greek island Ikaria and the Nicoya Indians from Costa Rica.

What do these groups of people do for a longer life and how can you do that?

1. Healthy eating
By eating healthy you increase the chance of a longer life. Not only that, you also increase the chance of living longer in good health. That sounds pretty logical, right? What struck the Blue Zone groups was that they ate food with a low glycemic index. This means that they did not use a lot of fast carbohydrates. Examples include junk and fast food, soft drinks and white bread.

Full nutrition consisting of fiber, complex carbohydrates, proteins, antioxidants, fats, minerals and vitamins is therefore preferable to highly processed food.

Especially the vegetables broccoli and kale are doing very well. They are all packed with healthy substances and they are widely available in the Netherlands. Did you know that kale is seen in America as a superfood?

Oh yeah, if you feel like a handful of nuts, pick a handful of walnuts. For example, walnuts help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. And take a bowl of oatmeal in the morning. Oatmeal appears to be able to extend your life.

2. Physical activity
All groups from the Blue Zones lead an active life. Ok, they do not or hardly do sports, but they move a lot. They cycle a lot, cultivate fields (gardening) and they walk regularly. By exercising regularly, you can live longer in good health.

In the Netherlands the standard for healthy exercise is 30 minutes a day. I would say; move at least one hour daily. For example, exercise stimulates blood circulation, muscles, metabolism and your mood. You become happier.

3. Relax
Stress is inextricably linked to our lifestyle and it does not help you to live longer, in good health. Because of the e-mail, WhatsApp, Social Media channels, TV, workload, job insecurity, traffic jams and all global problems and tensions, our lives are a lot less clear than 100 years ago.

So make time to relax and let the stress slip away from you. Activities such as exercising, letting the dog out, making your garden tidy and eating with your family can help you a lot. So take the time to do fun and relaxing things.

4. Social
The Volkskrant recently published an article that people who are active on Facebook live longer. Personally, I think that is very unlikely. Friends, family and social contacts are indeed important and social media is a nice addition to that.

The message is, I think, that people who are socially active live longer. It turns out to be very healthy to regularly ventilate your heart with people you trust.

5. Avoid overweight
Overweight and obesity can lead to cardiovascular disease, diabetes 2, worn joints, high blood pressure and countless other unpleasant conditions. Unfortunately, more than half of the Netherlands are too fat. So something is not going well.

Overweight therefore increases the risk of illness. However, you would live longer, because there is a lot of medication to treat the symptoms of diabetes 2, depression and other disorders. Unfortunately, these drugs have a few side effects, which can be quite a problem.

A good way to prevent obesity is to lend a hand to your metabolism (your metabolism). You then automatically burn more calories. In this e-book you can read all about it.

6. Avoid underweight
Both overweight and underweight is not good for your health. Underweight undermines your immune system. You simply do not get enough nutrients.

7. Working
Working is part of our daily existence. Apple founder Steve Jobs said in one of his latest interview “You have to really love what you do”. So do work that you like. If you do not like your work, you go to your employer on a daily basis with a lot of reluctance.

You then take that negativity back home. Your children and your partner also get infected. In a TED Talk, the American speaker Simon Sinek said: “Our jobs are killing us”. So do work where you feel that you are really contributing something and what really gives you satisfaction.

8. Water
Water helps you to dispose of waste. Sufficient moisture is important for a longer life anyway, because humans are mostly made up of water.

The message is that you drink water instead of soft drinks. Soft drinks contain a lot of sugar and calories that you do not feed. So you quickly get too many calories every day if you regularly drink soft drinks.

9. Sleep
Since the birth of our daughter Bo, I have been more enthusiastic about sleeping. I never liked sleeping so much and therefore made relatively short nights. But all those broken nights make me realize that sleep affects the quality of your life considerably.

At night your body recovers from the day before and it builds up energy for the day that is to come. Your hormones also benefit from sufficient sleep. A bad night’s sleep can, for example, ensure that you are hungry for something sweet, salty or greasy all day long.

10. A goal
What is your reason for getting up in the morning? People who have a clear goal every day suffer a longer life. A goal does not have to be an extension to become a director, to conquer Mount Everest or to cycle up Mont Ventoux.

Just taking care of the children, a promotion, improving your condition, working on yourself or working on your relationship can already be a goal in itself.

11. Do not eat too much
Live longer by not eating too much. That may sound a bit contradictory. But the French also adhere to this rule. They eat until they are 80% full. There is always a little bit of food in your esophagus and that will automatically end up in your stomach.

The Japanese inhabitants of the island of Okinawa also eat until they are 80%. According to a report from the World Health Organization, the women in Japan have the highest life expectancy and that one in 135 people on the island of Okinawa passes the age limit of 100 years.