Upgrade Your Brain Performance With These Eight Tips

The human brain is absolutely extraordinary. It includes an approximated more than 100 billion neurons and 100,000 miles of axons (foothills of nerve cells) – enough to circle the earth 4 times. According to experts, a person will keep in mind up to 1 billiard pieces of details in the course of his life. Your brain can consist of approximately 2.5 petabytes of details, equivalent to 300 hours of tv. Much like a race vehicle, we have to give our brains the best kind of fuel and treat them properly in order to keep them in a state where leading performance can be delivered. The leading 8 methods to keep your brain in leading condition are:

Games for the working memory

Games for your working memory are great to enhance your short-term memory, your IQ and brain power. The Dual N-Back training program is among the very best games on the market for this memory. It utilizes a series of stimuli to train the audiological and visual memory of the brain at the exact same time. Some programs have actually even increased the IQ significantly during 20 days (in some cases with up to 20 points). This program uses a valid IQ test – prior to and after the training, comparisons with other users in real time, and it is the only program that has actually proven to be able to increase the IQ by 20 points.

Omega 3 fatty acids

Omega 3 fats are of crucial significance to the health of the brain inning accordance with Dr. Earl Mindell, RPh PhD. ‘Omega 3 fats play a role in the performance of brain cell membranes, which are important for the transfer of brain signals and ultimately make it possible for the brain to operate efficiently. The best sources for omega 3 are: fish oil (ensure you take good pharmaceutical quality and a brand name that contains no toxins), chia seeds and linseed.


MCT oil (medium chain triglycerides oil) is really great for your brain. In a 2004 research study, published in the journal Neurobiology of Aging, it was discovered that administering MCT oils brought about a significant improvement in cognitive function in individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s illness. There was also immediate enhancement in cognitive function in grownups with memory conditions. The very best method to include MCT oil to your diet (without having any nasty results on the gastrointestinal tract) is to begin with one teaspoon and boost that to 1 to 2 tablespoons for the maximum effect.


Magnesium protects the brain from neurotoxins and it is essential for more than 300 functions in the body. Carolyn Dean, physicist and writer of The Miracle of Magnesium, says: “The most innovative cosmetic surgeons provide extra magnesium to their clients prior to and during the operation, particularly throughout a brain operation, because it assists protect the brain.” Start with 300 mg daily and gradually boost and see just how much your body needs. If you get diarrhea or another response in your stomach and intestinal tracts, lower your consumption.


Our brains depend upon the appropriate wetness management to function efficiently. If you lose excessive water, the balance is disturbed and the brain cells lose their efficiency. The longest time that our bodies need to do without water is after a night’s sleep. It is necessary to offer yourself lots of fluids in the morning and not to go directly to the coffee (which has a drying effect). Get yourself to drink more water. Choose pure and filtered water for the very best outcome, because tap water includes a lot of contaminants and fluoride, which is bad for your brain.


Sports is crucial if you desire your brain to deliver maximum performance. Sports not only assists to relieve tension and anxiety, it likewise promotes your memory and your brain function in basic. One research study revealed that the brain volume increased in a variety of locations, after participants had actually performed. The individuals also performed substantially much better than their lazy counterparts, because they performed 10 to 15 percent much better on all kinds of memory and attention jobs after they had developed a sweat.


Do you get enough sleep? If not, it may be that your brain is suffering. Sleep likewise contributes to the correct performance of the nerve system and research reveals that the concentration, coordination, memory and state of mind suffer when animals and individuals do not get sufficient sleep. Make sure you get in between 6 and 8 hours of sleep per night for the maximum result.

Ending up being lascivious

I do not think you will find this irritating to hear – a research by a team from the University of Maryland showed that regular sex produces new nerve cells in the brain as well as improves cognitive function. Another study (2010) revealed that sexual experiences trigger cell growth in the hippocampus (an area that is important for long-term memory).